Monday, April 26, 2010

Wearing Traditional Salwar Kameez

In Indian dress where u can't neglect the importance of sari, there u can also forget the ethnic wear that is Salwar Kameez which much preferred among Indian ladies. Salwar Kameez is generally liked by every lady from gal kid to an adult lady or an old lady.
According to changing fashion this dress also gets make-over from time to time like patiala salwars, A-line shirts, Umbrella cut & of course the chudidars & straight salwar kameez styles.

Now a days the latest in fashion is the straight shirts/kameez. In summers cut sleeves & mega sleeves provide u a new look with varied styles. But in this race of fashion just take care of designs which will look good on u. Choose ur design or cut by considering ur figure.

If u look a bit fatty then u can opt for A-line as these will help u to look slimmer. And try to have more length than u normally wear b'coz A-line shirts look good if they are stitched long.

If u r skinny don't opt for chudidars just go for patiala salwars & quarter sleeve shirts which are now a days in fashion.

If u have good attractive personality then opt for fitted suits.
Ladies who are tall don't go for too long or too short shirts. Ladies with medium height will go for normal length for their suits as this will help u look tall.
Just change with the changing fashion.

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