Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tackling ur Child

# Every child is lovable to their parents. That's why don't bend ur knees in front of their wrong demands. Try to handle it with love.

# If anyone member of the family scolds child for his wrong doings then other members should not try to console him becoz child will not be able to realise whats good & what's bad. Emotions are to be balanced by adults.

# Sometimes adult don't realise that their little one's also have their self esteem so don't scold them in front of ur guests. Have faith in them & love them a lot. Take their suggestions for minor issues.

# Spend some time with ur children ... take them out for picnic. And ask them about their school & do attend their parent-teacher meetings.

# If ur child is stubborn then talk about this to their teacher as teacher can also help to handle this kind of attitude.

# If ur child showing too much of tantrums then let him be alone for sometime. When he sees that no one is caring about him then he gets silent himself.

# When he cry or shouts to have something, don't give him that otherwise he will start doing this every time he want to have anything & try to have benefits from ur feelings.

# In family if u have more one child then don't ever try to compare children with each other. Try to appreciate everyone for his/ her tasks, with this they will have sense of love for each other & they try to accept the goodness of each other.

Have a Happy Parenting!

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