Saturday, April 3, 2010


Fun of Learning New Things

Mothers always want their child to be all-rounder but some how child stars to feel frustrated or start losing his/ her interest in the activity. So how can we make learning fun ?
1. We should try to make a friendly relation with child.
2. Don't give too much stress to ur child.
3. Try to make learning a fun by introducing some games in a learning process.
Like if u want her to learn numbers, draw some pictures for each number & make her learn to count.
U can also introduce music to ur child as they love to learn things if they sing. Every child like music. So try to make them recite rhymes.... u can easily access nursery rhymes from net also, which will help ur child to learn with more n more excitement.
And whenever ur child hear the same rhyme from other child they will also start singing with them.

Have happy parenting.

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