Sunday, April 4, 2010

Summer Special

As Summers arrived everyone love to hit beaches. Beaches are perfect way to chill out.
So here are some Beach essentials to have in ur bag before going on a beach...

* Sunscreen, sunscreen & more sunscreen.
* If u want to walk then have a lovely pair of flip-flops & nice sneakers.
* Hydrating lotion.
* Lotz n lotz of mineral water.
* Plenty of sun burn lotion.
* Aloe Vera gel.
* Bug Spray.
* Any book or magazine u love to read.
* Beach mat.
* Sun hat.
* Lip gloss or balm.
* Moisturiser.
* Sun glasses
* Colourful Scarf to protect ur hair.
* Towel.

Have a Happy Summer !

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