Saturday, April 17, 2010

Active Ur Relationship

Marriage is union of two individuals ...& its a wonderful experience which doubles our enjoy to live the life to its fullest but sometimes this relation becomes too much irritated or headache due to lack of love, respect & faith. Love is a feeling which one need to feel within him/her & to remain in love always we have to let the spark live so that one can enjoy every sec of their life.
So follow these simple tips to be in love forever with ur better halves...

* Sometimes get a ur loved one's favourite chocolate n offer him/her after dinner, u will see how much they feel happy.

* Husband-wife generally get ready for each other. Like wife wear beautiful dresses to pamper her hubby so let both of u give each other their time to get ready before going anywhere. And most importantly compliment each other after getting ready.

* If sometimes u r going to office n u forget to say bye to ur beloved then apologise it after coming home from ur office or make a call from office just to say 3 magic words "I LOVE U".

* According to experts Touching therapy helps to strengthen ur relationship. So whenever u get time with ur beloved just hold their hand n their is nothing to say ur touch will say everything for u.

* Gift ur wife a bouquet of flowers without any reason. U can send it from ur office as well ...this is the lovely way to express ur love.

* When u r with ur friends or relatives, appreciate ur beloved this will encourage ur better halve to do the same for u also.

* Don't hide anything from ur partner, be loyal & talk about everything with him/her.

* Never ever forget to wish them on B'day, Anniversary or even Valentine day. Let them realise that these are important days for u.

* If u give fixed amount to ur wife then don't ask again n again for all the account. Discuss all what she has to spend with her so that she will manage according to u. Sometimes after 4-6 months u can increase her budget. Never interfere with her on home fronts.

* Take care of ur partner with love. Accept ur fault whenever u do any mistake. So many problems will be sorted out.

* Take care of all the needs of ur family. Divide duties in between all members so that one is not handling all the courses of house. Let ur wife realise she is also an important part of ur family. Without her ur life is incomplete.

* Appreciate ur partner's positive points.

* Do religious rituals together this will increase ur love n faith for each other.

* Ladies are generally very emotional so choose ur words very carefully before talking to them. If sometimes they r down or crying provide ur shoulder to cry on.

* Some things are not liked by ur partner so better to avoid them. Try to have patience.

* If ur better halve do something wrong then forgive him/her if they realise their mistake. Try to have a big heart.

* Ladies love to go for shopping, outing or watching movies so take them with u to spend sometime together.

* Have a friendly relation with each other then its easy to share something with ur partner.

* Take care of ur partner's parents & relatives. It will help to add sweetness to ur relationship.

Have a happy Married Life!

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