Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Teeth Grinding in Children

Teeth grinding which is commonly known as Bruxism in medical terms. Bruxism is a condition in which a person tends to grind their teeth. Generally it is seen during night times but can also be seen during day times. If ur tends to do teeth grinding then pay attention to ur child as it has some harmful effects also.

Why it happens?
It is caused due to various reasons:

* Due to mental stress. Stress can be from school or family. Like family problems child see how elders grind teeth while quarreling with each other. Or in school if he is able to adjust with friends or due to some work stress, this problem arises.

* If they have problem related with teeth like hole in teeth, if teeth are not in proper position or filling is not proper in between teeth.

* Lack of sleep or disrupt sleep cycle.

* If ur child suppress his anger.

How to get rid of teeth grinding?

* According to weather, make them bath with fresh or lukewarm water before going to sleep during night.

* Breathing exercises r also helpful.

* Provide a good happy environment to ur child before making them sleep. Don't watch too much violence on T.V shows.

* Mouth guards are also helpful to get rid of this problem.

* Keep a check on teeth grinding habit of ur child.

* Don't allow them to have too much of chewing gums.

* Make them practice some jaw exercises.

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