Monday, May 31, 2010

Fitness Mantra

Exercises with Partner

1. Stand erect, ask ur partner to rest his arm against ur back. Taking support from him,bend backwards slowly, as much as u can, taking ur hands backwards as well. If u find this too difficult, then simply bend the back & neck as much as possible by keeping ur arms relaxed. Do this at least 4-5 times.
This exercise is excellent for neck, back & shoulders to lend that slender look.

2. Stand with legs shoulder length apart. Raising one hand in the air, bend slowly towards the other direction there by feeling the tug in the waist & stomach area. Repeat with the other hand. Do this entire exercise 4-5 times
Its good for ur waist area.


Rivalry among siblings

# Don't try to compare children as this will create a feeling of hatred among them.

# Teach the younger ones to treat the elder one with respect and the older one to look after his younger siblings.

# Spend time with each child.

# Don't feel amused by your children's competition to get parents attention.

# Never take any of children's sides during fight. Give them punishment equally.

# Encourage them to play together.

# Always try to make them share things with each other.

# Let each of ur child to develop his own special talents.

# Set some time for family bonding and communication like eating dinner together if ur day schedule is busy.

# Give a check on bullying between children.

# Nourish them with lots of love.

# Don't allow them to spent too much time at friend's homes rather than your own.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sometimes we get so much busy i our lives that we forget the best part of our life that we onetime had spent with our today i m remebering all my friends & dedicating this post to them.

* Friends are like melons,

Shall i tell u Why?

To find one good,

u must have 100 tries.

*If i m in hell & u in heaven, i always look up & proud of u. But if i were in heaven & u in hell...I beg God to send me in hell b'coz heaven won't be heaven without u.

* The test of friendship doesn't come when we are together. It comes when u r part ways & u realise desipte the distance, the Friendship is still here...

* Being friend is not easy b'coz its not just about sharing a joke, a conversation, a cup of coffee or a funny story. It means sharing a part of yourself, the most honest & true part....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recipe Corner

Potato Twist

Kids like this recipe alot. U can also pack it for their school lunch as it is very easy to prepare & ingredients are also easily available or we generally have these items in our kitchen.

6-7 Boiled baby Potatoes
1tbsp Dried Pomegranate
1/4 tsp Cumin powder
1 tsp green Chillies(chopped)
2 tbsp Coriander(chopped)
1 tbsp Cumin seeds
2 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
Fresh Pomegranate for garnishing.

* Heat oil in a pan.
* Add cumin seeds, dried pomegranate seeds, green chillies & cumin powder.
* Now add potatoes in it.
* Garnish with coriander & fresh pomegranate.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cool Drinks

Orange Slush

Soda Water
Ginger Syrup
Squeeze of Lime
200ml of Orange juice

Pour the orange juice on to ice in a highball glass. Add a dash of ginger syrup & top up with lime & soda water.
Decorate it with a spiral of orange or cherry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Skin Care

Caring Ur Skin during Summers
To look fresh during summers follow the following tips:

* In Summers our skin becomes patchy due to the damage cause by sun rays. To make ur skin spotless u can use this remedy ...Soak rice in milk for an hour then make its paste & apply it on ur face. Let it be dry & then massage it in circular motion. This will help to remove the dead skin & make it supple n beautiful.

* We all love to eat Mangoes during summer. So massage ur face with the mango seed for 10 mins. The Pulp will help to tight ur skin as well as it 'll act as moisturiser too. Wash ur face after 15-20 mins.

* Drink lots of water to clean up ur skin & to make ur skin acne free.

* To control excessive screation of oil from an oily skin, give it a steam treatment. Remove whiteheads or blackheads with steel remover.

* Apply paste of gram flour, turmeric powder, honey & rose water on ur skin, let it be dry & wash it afterwards. This help to make ur skin glow.

* Wear cotton or linen clothes in summers so that ur body can also breath.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


If u want to Know

How much I Miss U

Look at the Sky and

Count the stars the

One u count is how

much u miss me and

The one u miss is

How much i miss u.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skin Care

Body Odour Cure
Body Odour can be embarracing if anybody notices that. Body odour depends on many factors like diet, genetics, health, medication & many more. So how u can tackle this problem are some tips to avoid body odour.

# Bath twice a day.
# Use medicated soap.
# Drink plenty of water.
# Avoid junk or oily food.
# Remove unwanted hair from body.
# Wash hair 3-4 times a week.
# Wear cotton clothes.
# Use deo. or talc after bath.
# Use dry towel to clean ur body.
# Take care about ur undergarments cleanliness.

Homemade remedies to avoid body odour :
# Apply white vinegar on cotton ball & clean ur armpit with it. This will help to remove body odour. But don't use it on fresh waxed skin.
# Mix baking soda & lemon juice n apply it on underarms, it helps to kill bacteria.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Microwave Recipes

Potato Wafers
4-5 Potatoes (thinly sliced)
Salt or spices to taste.
3 glass ice cold Water.
*Soak the potato slices in ice cold water.
*Drain the water.
*Pat dry on an absorbent cloth.
*Now place them on microwave safe plate.
*Set microwave on HIGH for 5-6 mins until potatoes get crispy.
*Sprinkle some salt or spices. Wafers r ready to eat.
*Serve with tomato sauce.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Benefits of Mint

Mint is nature's miracle & it has medicinal properties. Its botanical name is Mentha aquatica. Its leaves contain menthol & pepper mint oil. Mint has a strong fragrance. It is also a good antiseptic.

* Mint is helpful during stomach infection like stomach-ache & vomiting.
* If u suffer from head-ache then take juice of mint. It 'll help u to get rid of head-ache.

* Mint sauce or chutney helps to improve our digestive system.
* It is also used as flavouring agent.
* It is also used in toothpaste or chewing gums becoz of its medicinal properties.

* Mint oil has antiseptic properties also.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Art n Craft

Crown Craft for Fruit Party

Material Required:
Tape (transparent)

Golden craft sheet

How to make crown:
1. First of all draw the shape of crown on craft sheet.
2. At one end create a belt like structure with 4-5 vertical cuts so that u can adjust the crown according to the circumference of the head & at the other end make an arrow like hook so that this hook could be easily fitted in the vertical cuts.
3. Cut it with scissor.
4. Make the picture of fruit, colour it & paste it in the centre of the crown with the help of glue.
5. Like fruits are nature's gift so u can paste some leaves on the sides of the crown with the tape as it will allow the leaves to remain free of side & wave in air .
6. U can make ur crown more attractive by attaching some beaded flowers or stones.

Today is Fruit party at my daughter's play school n she wears this fruit crown.

Getting ready for the Fruit party.

Now presenting Princess Kandy who is ready to conquer the world.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A lady can look more beautiful if she knows the technique of applying make-up. The most important feature on our face is our eyes. Eyes look more beautiful with right make up.Eyes helps to enhance the beauty. That's the reason we have to make this feature look more attractive. In summers we can opt for lilac eye shadows for doing eye make-up.
Lilac Eyes
1. Prepare ur eye lids by applying eye primmer from inside to outside.
2. Apply eye-liner on the outer side.Smudge it with brush to give it a fast look.
3. With the help of sponge apply eye shadow on upper lid & give a light touch-up to lower lid also.
4. From Brow-bone to eyebrow blend it with illuminating powder.
5. Apply tons of mascara on ur eye lashes.

Be Gorgeous!


Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
My heart saying a prayer

Dhadkane Meri Sun
Listen to my heartbeats

Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
It keeps chanting I will get you

Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Mein Chun
I will choose few beautiful branches from the tree of life

Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
I will get you

Jo Bhi Jitne Pal Jeeyu
Every moment I live

Unhe Tere Sang Jeeyu
I will live with you

Jo Bhi Kal Ho Ab Mera
Whatever tomorrows I have left with

Use Tere Sang Jeeyu
I will live them with you

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo
Every breath I take

Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
I will take it with you

Chahe Jo Ho Rasta
Whatever the road is

Use Tere Sang Chalu
I will walk with you

Mujhko De Tu Mit Jaane
Let me break down

Ab Khudse Dil Mil Jaane
Meet my heart with myself

Kyu Hai Yeh Itna Fasla
Why you are so far

Lamhe Yeh Phir Naa Aane
These moments will not come again

Inko Tu Naa De Jaane
Please do not let them go

Tu Mujh Pe Khudko De Loota
Give yourself to me

Tujhe Tujhse Tod Loo
I will detach you from yourself

Kahi Khudse Jod Loo
Attach it to myself

Mere Jism O Jaan Main Aa
My body and soul

Teri Khusboo Odh Loo
I will fill with your scent

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo
Every breath I take

Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
I will take it with you

Chahe Jo Ho Rasta
Whatever the road is

Use Tere Sang Chalu
I will walk with you

Bahoon Main De Bas Jaane
Let me live in your arms

Seene Main De Chhup Jaane
Will get lost in your heart

Tujh Bin Main Jaaun To Kahan
Where shall I go without you

Tujhse He Mujhe Ko Paane
With you I will see

Yaado Ke Woh Nazrane
All the beautiful memories

Ek Jinpe Hak Ho Bas Mera
Of which, only I have right

Teri Yaado Main Rahoo
I will live in your memories

Tere Khwabo Main Jagoo
Will awake to your dreams

Mujhe Doondhe Jab Koi
When someone look for me

Teri Aankho Main Milu
They will find me in your eyes

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo
Every breath I take

Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
I will take it with you

Chahe Jo Ho Rasta
Whatever the road is

Use Tere Sang Chalu
I will walk with you

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self Esteem

There is a story about a farmer who planted pumpkins on his land. For no reason he put a small pumpkin, hanging by the vine into a glass jar.
At harvest time , he saw that the pumpkin had grown, equivalent only to the shape & size of jar. Just as the pumpkin could not grow beyond the boundaries restricting it, so u can't perform beyond the boundaries of self concept, whatever those boundaries may be.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cool Drinks

Pineapple & Coconut Delight

3 cup Pineapple juice
3 cup Coconut milk
1/4 cup Tined Pineapple pieces(chopped)
1 1/2 tbsp Sugar
Crushed Ice
Few Mint leaves

* Prepare 4 cocktail glasses. Put them in refrigretor to chill.
* In a Jug, blend pineapple juice, coconut milk & sugar.
* Take out cock tail glasses, put chopped pineapple pieces in it.
* Add crushed ice in it.
* Pour the juice mix over the ice.
* Add some mint leaves to give a fresh look.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recipe Corner

Vegetable Manchow Soup

1 small bowl Mixed vegetables (french beans, carrot, cabbage, onion, red capsicum finely chopped & baby corn)
2 Spring Onions (chopped)
2 1/2 cup Water
3 tsp cornflour
1 tsp Vinegar
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp White Pepper
1/2 tsp Soya Sauce
2tbsp Tomato Sauce
pinch of Ajinomoto
Oil for frying.

For chinese sauce:
4 dried red chillies
1 Onion
7-8 Garlic cloves
1 tsp Tamarind Sauce


1. Boil water & just for 10 mins. soak the red dried chillies in it.
2. Put all the ingredients of chinese sauce in a grinder with the red chillies & grind it into paste.
3. In 1/2 cup of water, add cornflour, vinegar, soya sauce, white pepper & salt. Mix it & keep a side for a while.
4. Heat oil in pan & saute all the veggies for 2-3 mins.
5. Add chinese sauce to it.
6. When aroma arises. Pour water in to it.
7. And when it starts boiling, add corn flour mix to it. Stirring continuously until it gets thicker consistency.
8. Garnish with chopped spring onion.
9. Serve hot.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother is God's most beautiful creation as God could not be everywhere so he created Mother...when i was a child i used to sing a rhyme for my mother .
Roses r red,
Violets r blue,
And there is no one in this world who is as special as u.

I Love U Mummy, U r my Friend, Philosopher & Guide. U showers ur love on me n blessed me always.. U Prays for my life ...remember twice i battle for my life & both time u were there for me, i will never forget the sacrifices u made for me. Now when i am mother of a baby then i realised what u did for me ... no one will be able to understand the sacrifices of a mother that she did or do for her is becoz of ur love that i m able to love & be loved by others. U mean the world to me ....Thanks for all the strength u provide me in the time of needs...I will love u forever n ever & in my next life i want to be ur daughter again...Mummy lines for u
By miles...
u r away from me !
By thoughts..
U r close to me!
By hearts..
u r in me!

"Happy Mothers Day".


You're the very first thing I think of
Each morning when I wake-up
You're the last thing I think of
When I close my eyes

You're in every thought I have
And every breath I take
My feelings are growing stronger
With every move you make

You're an angel from above
who takes away my pain
My love for you is so strong
It's always just the same

You're the miracle in my life
Who can always make me smile
Just knowing that you care
Makes my life worth-while

You've touched my heart and soul
Which you have from the start
Your warm soft words
Will never leave my heart

You are everything I want
You're so pure and true
I love you with everything I have
And I love everything that you do.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


For Straight Hair

* Take a wet towel, dampen ur hair & lay it on the towel. Use a clothes iron & straighten ur hair. Just be careful not to light ur hair on fire.

* When ur hair is still damp, comb it out using a narrow hairbrush. comb them in one direction. Keep pinning it up till u cover the entire circumference of the crown & u r back where u started. Leave it on for as long as possible. Remove the pins & comb ur hair out.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Setting Ur Dining Table

* First of all determine number of guests coming to ur place. Take out best of ur crockery.

* Iron the tablecloth before spreading it on the table.

* Use the centerpiece that allow u to place candles.U can also use pillar candles & place them around the centerpiece to create more dramatic look.

* Arrange the cutlery according to standard manner like lay the fork on the left side of the plate & knife on the right-hand side, place it as the sharp side face the plate. Spoon is to be placed on the right side just next to the knife.

* Put the glass directly above the knife and spoon. A wineglass can be placed next to the water glass, if wine is to be served.

* Keep the crockery 1 inch away from the table edge.

* Lay a napkin in the center of each dinner plate with a napkin ring at the centre of each napkin.

* If u want to give more appealing look u can put some small gifts with each plate.

* Don't place unnecessary items on the dining table. It will make the dining table very congested.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Taking Children to Park

In today's world children remain confined to homes only. They don't like to play outdoor games ...what they just like is to sit in an AC room with their PlayStation's or laptop & just go on playing games. It's not only their fault but also parents fault too as they don't have time to spend with their children. So such a kind of atmosphere is not good for their mental & physical development. Hence its parent's duty to take the child somewhere for outing like park etc. where they can enjoy the fresh air & get the time to spend with other children too. and before going to park take the following things into consideration...

# Make them wear any comfortable dress according to the weather conditions.

# Take any playing item with u like football, badminton, bat-ball or any other game they like to play.

# U can take ur neighbourhood children with u so that ur child don't get bored over their.

# If ur child insist u to play with him/her then go on.

# Also take some snacks to eat & most importantly don't forget mineral water.

# Be on his/her side when they are enjoying on swings or slides. So that any accident might not happen.

# If ur husband is free take him with u so that the whole family can enjoy some time together.

# Make ur children learn that they should not pluck flowers or throw their belongings here & there in the park. Make them Environment friendly.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spa Skin Care

Walnut n Almond Body Scrub

Things u Required:

* 2 Sandalwood aroma candles
* 1 glass milk
* 200g almonds (powdered)
* 200g walnuts (powdered)
* 1/2kg rose petals (paste)
* 100g rice flour
* 100ml almond oil
* 5ml sandalwood oil
* Loofah
* 2 large towel
* 2 Sandalwood aroma candles

How to apply:
Mix all the ingredients & apply all over the body for 1/2 hour. With the help of loofah scrub it off in round motion & wash.