Monday, May 31, 2010


Rivalry among siblings

# Don't try to compare children as this will create a feeling of hatred among them.

# Teach the younger ones to treat the elder one with respect and the older one to look after his younger siblings.

# Spend time with each child.

# Don't feel amused by your children's competition to get parents attention.

# Never take any of children's sides during fight. Give them punishment equally.

# Encourage them to play together.

# Always try to make them share things with each other.

# Let each of ur child to develop his own special talents.

# Set some time for family bonding and communication like eating dinner together if ur day schedule is busy.

# Give a check on bullying between children.

# Nourish them with lots of love.

# Don't allow them to spent too much time at friend's homes rather than your own.

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