Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skin Care

Body Odour Cure
Body Odour can be embarracing if anybody notices that. Body odour depends on many factors like diet, genetics, health, medication & many more. So how u can tackle this problem are some tips to avoid body odour.

# Bath twice a day.
# Use medicated soap.
# Drink plenty of water.
# Avoid junk or oily food.
# Remove unwanted hair from body.
# Wash hair 3-4 times a week.
# Wear cotton clothes.
# Use deo. or talc after bath.
# Use dry towel to clean ur body.
# Take care about ur undergarments cleanliness.

Homemade remedies to avoid body odour :
# Apply white vinegar on cotton ball & clean ur armpit with it. This will help to remove body odour. But don't use it on fresh waxed skin.
# Mix baking soda & lemon juice n apply it on underarms, it helps to kill bacteria.

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