Monday, May 3, 2010


Taking Children to Park

In today's world children remain confined to homes only. They don't like to play outdoor games ...what they just like is to sit in an AC room with their PlayStation's or laptop & just go on playing games. It's not only their fault but also parents fault too as they don't have time to spend with their children. So such a kind of atmosphere is not good for their mental & physical development. Hence its parent's duty to take the child somewhere for outing like park etc. where they can enjoy the fresh air & get the time to spend with other children too. and before going to park take the following things into consideration...

# Make them wear any comfortable dress according to the weather conditions.

# Take any playing item with u like football, badminton, bat-ball or any other game they like to play.

# U can take ur neighbourhood children with u so that ur child don't get bored over their.

# If ur child insist u to play with him/her then go on.

# Also take some snacks to eat & most importantly don't forget mineral water.

# Be on his/her side when they are enjoying on swings or slides. So that any accident might not happen.

# If ur husband is free take him with u so that the whole family can enjoy some time together.

# Make ur children learn that they should not pluck flowers or throw their belongings here & there in the park. Make them Environment friendly.

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