Monday, May 17, 2010

Art n Craft

Crown Craft for Fruit Party

Material Required:
Tape (transparent)

Golden craft sheet

How to make crown:
1. First of all draw the shape of crown on craft sheet.
2. At one end create a belt like structure with 4-5 vertical cuts so that u can adjust the crown according to the circumference of the head & at the other end make an arrow like hook so that this hook could be easily fitted in the vertical cuts.
3. Cut it with scissor.
4. Make the picture of fruit, colour it & paste it in the centre of the crown with the help of glue.
5. Like fruits are nature's gift so u can paste some leaves on the sides of the crown with the tape as it will allow the leaves to remain free of side & wave in air .
6. U can make ur crown more attractive by attaching some beaded flowers or stones.

Today is Fruit party at my daughter's play school n she wears this fruit crown.

Getting ready for the Fruit party.

Now presenting Princess Kandy who is ready to conquer the world.

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