Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Setting Ur Dining Table

* First of all determine number of guests coming to ur place. Take out best of ur crockery.

* Iron the tablecloth before spreading it on the table.

* Use the centerpiece that allow u to place candles.U can also use pillar candles & place them around the centerpiece to create more dramatic look.

* Arrange the cutlery according to standard manner like lay the fork on the left side of the plate & knife on the right-hand side, place it as the sharp side face the plate. Spoon is to be placed on the right side just next to the knife.

* Put the glass directly above the knife and spoon. A wineglass can be placed next to the water glass, if wine is to be served.

* Keep the crockery 1 inch away from the table edge.

* Lay a napkin in the center of each dinner plate with a napkin ring at the centre of each napkin.

* If u want to give more appealing look u can put some small gifts with each plate.

* Don't place unnecessary items on the dining table. It will make the dining table very congested.

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