Thursday, May 13, 2010


A lady can look more beautiful if she knows the technique of applying make-up. The most important feature on our face is our eyes. Eyes look more beautiful with right make up.Eyes helps to enhance the beauty. That's the reason we have to make this feature look more attractive. In summers we can opt for lilac eye shadows for doing eye make-up.
Lilac Eyes
1. Prepare ur eye lids by applying eye primmer from inside to outside.
2. Apply eye-liner on the outer side.Smudge it with brush to give it a fast look.
3. With the help of sponge apply eye shadow on upper lid & give a light touch-up to lower lid also.
4. From Brow-bone to eyebrow blend it with illuminating powder.
5. Apply tons of mascara on ur eye lashes.

Be Gorgeous!

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