Monday, July 28, 2008


Love Unconditionally
Love always demand sacrifice. One can enjoy martial happiness if he/ she have a kind of self-sacrificing or putting the interest of other person before his own interest. If ur love goes beyond flower, chocolates, hearts, candy boxes then ur love is going to make in the long run. Unconditional love is given without defining any parameters. Those who love unconditionally always want the best for their loved ones. They will allow them to be free to seek what will truly make them happy.
When u love someone unconditionally then such things like give n take never arises. Its always about being happy with ur loved one. And when we start putting our partners interest before our own interest then this will create a positive cycle & it will encourage ur partner to do the same, therefore builds a truly happy relationship.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Developing Happy Behaviour

A Child's heart is just like a blank page, u can write anything on it. So its important that first of all we change our attitude. Like if he notices ur each & every little thing then it can be harmful for him. Here i am giving tips to create a well behaviour in ur child..

# Make them Self Dependent:

Generally mothers love n pamper their child a lot that's why she tries to do all sort of work for them. Like making them eat with her hands so that the child don't get dirty. If the child is not doing his homework then she do it for him. And such things prevents him to take interest in the activities which r to be performed by him. According to child specialists child should be allowed to do his own work. And slowly he become self dependent.

#Do not Neglect their Mistakes:

If the child is telling a lie, don't neglect it. If he speaks unkind words, then with love try to make him understand that such words should not be spoken. For example if one day he brought a pencil of another student then he should be taught to return it the very next day. With this he will be able to differentiate between good n bad.

#Make him disciplined:

A child should learn to be disciplined. Instead of throwing his belongings here n there he should learn to keep them on their place. When u r visiting ur friend or relative he should not try to touch the things without their permission. There should be proper management of the time for playing, studying n watching t.v. Those children who were disciplined from their childhood are emotionally very strong.

#Allow them to make friends:

According to child specialists if a child is allowed to play with other children then this will develop a sense of friendship inside him. In future this feeling helps them to be good citizens.

#Love them a lot:

If u r expecting for the second time, it doesn't mean that u stop loving ur elder kid. Birth of second child create insecurity for the first child as the centre of attraction is the second baby. And in that way the elder child starts to feel alone n sad. That's why his mood starts to swing n make him full of anger. So at that time he wants more love.

#Carefully Listen him:

When a child starts going to school, he gets a new atmosphere. And he wants to share his happiness n sadness with his parents. If u tell him that i don't have time to listen to u then he will start feeling alone. According to child specialists u should try to listen ur child carefully n give him reply also.

Happy Parenting

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Quick Ideas for Setting your Table

*Fresh bright coloured flowers always give the dining table setting an instant perk up

*The centre piece should not be so large. Guests should not have to strain over the centrepiece to make conversation.

*Avoid strongly scented flowers as they interfere with the food smells.

*Use crockery with the hints of colour in a white table settings.

*Match colours of the tablecloth with that of crockery.

*Large sized dinner plates are in fashion as they provide a culinary delight.

*Use floating candles instead of the typical candle holders.

*Candles can also be placed near the table.

*Finally view the table as your canvas & get creative.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Pasta with Mushrooms & Tomato Slices
Pasta 1 cup
Mushrooms 1 cup
Onion 1 chopped
Tomatoes 2 blanched
Grated Processed Cheese 3/4 cup
Corn(soup style steamed) 1/2 cup
Butter 3tbsp
Cream 3/4 cup
Oregano flavouring
Red chilly flavour
Salt & Pepper to taste
Boil & drain pasta, run through cold water. Saute all the vegetables along with pasta in butter. Add salt & pepper in it. Keep all the sauteed things separately. Peel the skin of blanched tomato & cut them in rings. Now give layers of all the vegetables along with
pasta & sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle cheese,oregano on top. Start with pasta layers then one by one with white sauce.

White Sauce:
Take 1tsp of flour in a heated pan with butter till it brown. Turn off the gas & then 1/2cup of milk will be added with salt & pepper with continuously stirring until it prepares as a gravy.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Cucumber Body Wrap
The cucumber body wrap is for pigmented skin. This will make the heat seep out of your sun burnt body. This will give u cooling effect & u feel ur skin very soft like never before.
*1Kg cucumber with skin,whizzed in blender
*2 drops lavender oil
*2 drops tea tree oil
*2 drops chamomile oil
*A cotton sheet
*Any branded moisturiser(optional)
How to do :
Mix cucumber with the oils & apply it all over ur body. Wrap ur body in a cotton sheet.
Relax for 30 mins. The heat will be drawn out of ur body. Cucumber makes u feel cool.
Take shower & wipe off the water . Cucumber leaves ur skin soft & u can also apply moisturiser

Friday, July 18, 2008


The Masks of comedy n tragedy are well known & are signs of theatre even is smiling or laughing & one is frowning or howling in misery. It generally describes the balance of emotions...Some persons do not have control over their emotions, they think that their life is very miserable even though they have every thing that a person should have to life happily. They think that the burden of the whole world is on their shoulders. They don't thank God for the things they have but they generally complaints for not having the things that others have. I just wanna say that why a person can't be happy with what he has?
The mantra to live happily is just try to accept the life as it comes. If we don't have obstacles in our life, then there will be no enjoyment in living such a life where everything comes surved in your plate. Try to see the person who is not having the things that u have...Try to accept the things n always thanks God for giving u so much..Just think of such persons who can't see, hear, smell, speak or feel....u r not a handicap then why to blame God ...He had given u everything then why r u so unhappy with ur life. Please do remember this line noone wants to be unhappy with a person who cries for everything, everyone wants to be happy with a person who himself is happy with his life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Face The Sun This Summer

Icey Blues

Under the summer sun just skip ur foundation n use a sunscreen. Dress up ur eyes with cool blues that suits ur personality from soft silvery to dark turquoise. U can apply pink beneath ur brow line it will highlight ur blue shade. Go for a peachy blush & transparent or pinkish lip gloss. And its done......u can tie ur hair in a simple bun or a ponytail.

Evergreen Pink

For a perfect glow mix ur foundation with ur sunscreen & apply evenly on face, neck n ears. Use a white eye shadow on the centre of the eyelid & also use a pink eyeshadow.Dab on a pale blusher & just a pink gloss for ur lips.

An Evening Wear

Wear crimson on ur lips or for different look try the bright red lipgloss. Apply foundation using ur finger tips , blend it in a circular motion. Use a red eye shadow. Use a shimmery powder. Avoid blusher.

Bronze Beauty

Apply foundation on ur face, use bronzer all over the exposed skin using a broad powder brush. Run a kohl along ur lower eyelid & use a gold or bronze eye shadow. Use a black eyeliner on ur upper eyelid. Use a caramel colour lip gloss.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Way To Healthy & Shiny Hair

# Always use mild shampoo for ur hair. Don't use shampoo in excess. Always use conditioner after shampoo.

# Don't tie ur hair too tightly. This can make ur hair roots weak.

# Before sleeping comb ur hair properly.

# Don't comb wet hair. To untangle them use ur fingers or broad toothed comb.

# Avoid using dryer b'coz it will take away the moisture.

# Always cover hair with scarf or cap before going into direct sun.

# Always use lukewarm water to wash hair.

# Trim ur hair after every 7-8 weeks.

# For shiny hair, take calcium diet properly or drink at least 2 glasses of milk.

# Once in a week massage ur hair with hair oil using finger tips. U can also put Vitamin E capsule to ur hair oil.

# Take a diet which is rich in Iron & Minerals.

# Drink 8-10 glasses of water for healthy hair.

# Don't eat fried or fast food.

# Always try to be happy as tension also affect the health of ur hair as well as body.

# Take a diet which contains Vitamin B, C & E.

# Eat green veggies, fruits & liquids in more quantity.

# Don't use different kind of hair oil. Just stick to one hair oil.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art & Craft

Glass Painting

Material Required:
Glass piece
Glass paint
Aluminium foil
A Traced design

Place the traced design below the glass piece. Now make very fine strings of M-seal &
stuck it on the design seen through the glass. Let it dry. Paint it with black colour & also allow it to dry. Choose ur colours carefully to paint on glass as its not easy to make any correction but if the paint is wet u can correct it using thinner. Start painting & blend the colours very carefully. Allow it to dry. Now remove the traced design & place a crushed aluminium foil instead of the design.