Sunday, July 27, 2008


Developing Happy Behaviour

A Child's heart is just like a blank page, u can write anything on it. So its important that first of all we change our attitude. Like if he notices ur each & every little thing then it can be harmful for him. Here i am giving tips to create a well behaviour in ur child..

# Make them Self Dependent:

Generally mothers love n pamper their child a lot that's why she tries to do all sort of work for them. Like making them eat with her hands so that the child don't get dirty. If the child is not doing his homework then she do it for him. And such things prevents him to take interest in the activities which r to be performed by him. According to child specialists child should be allowed to do his own work. And slowly he become self dependent.

#Do not Neglect their Mistakes:

If the child is telling a lie, don't neglect it. If he speaks unkind words, then with love try to make him understand that such words should not be spoken. For example if one day he brought a pencil of another student then he should be taught to return it the very next day. With this he will be able to differentiate between good n bad.

#Make him disciplined:

A child should learn to be disciplined. Instead of throwing his belongings here n there he should learn to keep them on their place. When u r visiting ur friend or relative he should not try to touch the things without their permission. There should be proper management of the time for playing, studying n watching t.v. Those children who were disciplined from their childhood are emotionally very strong.

#Allow them to make friends:

According to child specialists if a child is allowed to play with other children then this will develop a sense of friendship inside him. In future this feeling helps them to be good citizens.

#Love them a lot:

If u r expecting for the second time, it doesn't mean that u stop loving ur elder kid. Birth of second child create insecurity for the first child as the centre of attraction is the second baby. And in that way the elder child starts to feel alone n sad. That's why his mood starts to swing n make him full of anger. So at that time he wants more love.

#Carefully Listen him:

When a child starts going to school, he gets a new atmosphere. And he wants to share his happiness n sadness with his parents. If u tell him that i don't have time to listen to u then he will start feeling alone. According to child specialists u should try to listen ur child carefully n give him reply also.

Happy Parenting

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