Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Face The Sun This Summer

Icey Blues

Under the summer sun just skip ur foundation n use a sunscreen. Dress up ur eyes with cool blues that suits ur personality from soft silvery to dark turquoise. U can apply pink beneath ur brow line it will highlight ur blue shade. Go for a peachy blush & transparent or pinkish lip gloss. And its done......u can tie ur hair in a simple bun or a ponytail.

Evergreen Pink

For a perfect glow mix ur foundation with ur sunscreen & apply evenly on face, neck n ears. Use a white eye shadow on the centre of the eyelid & also use a pink eyeshadow.Dab on a pale blusher & just a pink gloss for ur lips.

An Evening Wear

Wear crimson on ur lips or for different look try the bright red lipgloss. Apply foundation using ur finger tips , blend it in a circular motion. Use a red eye shadow. Use a shimmery powder. Avoid blusher.

Bronze Beauty

Apply foundation on ur face, use bronzer all over the exposed skin using a broad powder brush. Run a kohl along ur lower eyelid & use a gold or bronze eye shadow. Use a black eyeliner on ur upper eyelid. Use a caramel colour lip gloss.

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