Thursday, July 3, 2008


Way To Healthy & Shiny Hair

# Always use mild shampoo for ur hair. Don't use shampoo in excess. Always use conditioner after shampoo.

# Don't tie ur hair too tightly. This can make ur hair roots weak.

# Before sleeping comb ur hair properly.

# Don't comb wet hair. To untangle them use ur fingers or broad toothed comb.

# Avoid using dryer b'coz it will take away the moisture.

# Always cover hair with scarf or cap before going into direct sun.

# Always use lukewarm water to wash hair.

# Trim ur hair after every 7-8 weeks.

# For shiny hair, take calcium diet properly or drink at least 2 glasses of milk.

# Once in a week massage ur hair with hair oil using finger tips. U can also put Vitamin E capsule to ur hair oil.

# Take a diet which is rich in Iron & Minerals.

# Drink 8-10 glasses of water for healthy hair.

# Don't eat fried or fast food.

# Always try to be happy as tension also affect the health of ur hair as well as body.

# Take a diet which contains Vitamin B, C & E.

# Eat green veggies, fruits & liquids in more quantity.

# Don't use different kind of hair oil. Just stick to one hair oil.

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