Friday, July 18, 2008


The Masks of comedy n tragedy are well known & are signs of theatre even is smiling or laughing & one is frowning or howling in misery. It generally describes the balance of emotions...Some persons do not have control over their emotions, they think that their life is very miserable even though they have every thing that a person should have to life happily. They think that the burden of the whole world is on their shoulders. They don't thank God for the things they have but they generally complaints for not having the things that others have. I just wanna say that why a person can't be happy with what he has?
The mantra to live happily is just try to accept the life as it comes. If we don't have obstacles in our life, then there will be no enjoyment in living such a life where everything comes surved in your plate. Try to see the person who is not having the things that u have...Try to accept the things n always thanks God for giving u so much..Just think of such persons who can't see, hear, smell, speak or feel....u r not a handicap then why to blame God ...He had given u everything then why r u so unhappy with ur life. Please do remember this line noone wants to be unhappy with a person who cries for everything, everyone wants to be happy with a person who himself is happy with his life.

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