Friday, April 9, 2010

Choosing Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect our eyes from UV radiation of sun. Having sunglasses has become a status or fashion symbol now a days. While shopping for sunglasses take into account ur shape of ur face, quality & more importantly fashion trend. This season the most trendy sunglasses are of 70's & 80's with that big lenses.

How to choose sunglasses according to the shape of ur face ?

1. Oval face :With this face any kind of sunglasses will look good but square or round corner glasses are best. just take care of one thing that the sunglasses should not be that large that it will cover ur eyebrow lines.

2. Round Face: On round face rectangular or sunglasses with less frame will look good. don't wear round frame if u have a round face.

3. Square Face: Round frame are best option for square face. And if u have broad forehead than sunglasses with sloping angle are also a good option.

4. Heart Face: Glares with light brown or blue coloured frames are good.

Last but not least always opt for branded sunglasses as they provide maximum protection to ur eyes. Like Fast track, Vogue, Ray-ban, Adidas, Vintage, Gucci, Channel, D&G etc. are good options to invest in.

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