Monday, February 1, 2010

Skin Care

Face Cleansers

For oily or dry skin ladies perfer to use cleansing milk to clean their skin. Before going to sleep one should clean her skin with cleanser, it help to get rid of various skin related problems. Clensers are used to clean dirt n oil on the skin, it is also used to remove make up. A Person with oily or dry skin should use clensers to clean up their skin.Cleansers are of various types:

1.As a Face Wash : It is good to use face wash instead of soaps. It helps to keep the skin ph normal n kills bacteria.

2.As a Face Pads : Cleansing pads are wet due to anti bacterial solution applied on them. It helps to clen the pores n dont allow pore to grow more in skin.

3.As Lotion : It is best form to be used as cleanser because of its anti bacterial properties. It is helpful to clean skin pores.

4.Homemade cleansers :* To clean up ur skin use juice of cucumber n milk mixed in equal proportions.
* For oily skin juice of potato mixed with curd can be applied on skin n wash
in after 4-5 mins.