Friday, February 5, 2010

Setting Ur Wardrobe

Today we all r so much busy in our lifestyles that we didn't get time to do our minor courses & in that the most difficult one is setting ur wardrobe. Ladies generally prefer to wear different clothes for different occassions like we all have different office wear, party wear, day wear n night wear. So to handle all this stuff we need to be particular about our taste for a wardrode. One should set up its wardrobe accordingly so that ur time should not be wasted before going anywhere.It should be done according to once convenience.

#For party wear: These dresses should be separated from daily wear. Always keep them well pressed or dry clean them n keep them well protected in covers n hang them with hangers in ur wardrobe. Whenever u will wear these dresses for any occasion. u will feel happy about it.

#For Office wear: Office going ladies should keep their dress ready on different shelf to be wear next day so that ur time should not be wasted before going to office. Always wear comfortable dress for office, so that they don't distract ur attention n u feel confident in that. Don't try to wear such clothes which became a matter of fun for others.

#For Day wear: Choose ur day wear as u feel comfrtable in them.These dresses should be kept on one separate shelf. Also choose such dresses which u r able to handle properly. U should have that attitude to wear that dress.

#For Night wear: Always wear hot n attractive night wear. Don't wear nylon dres while going to sleep becoz they r generally harmful for ur skin n create rashes. Wear only those dresses through which ur skin can rest. Don't choose tight clothes as ur night wear. Provide a proper space for night wears so they can't get mixed in ur other clothes.

#Jewellery: Before going to any occasion or ur office try to wear some matching jewellery with that. It's not neccessary to wear gold or diamonds daily but u can opt for pearls, gems,silver or artificial jewellery. Jewellery should have its proper space in ur wardrobe so that u can easily match n wear ur jewellery with ur dress.