Sunday, February 7, 2010


How to Control Ur Anger
Anger is very harmful for our health. With a very little try we can control our anger. So here are some tips to control ur anger.

*Use ur energy to do positive things. Yoga is the best to have control over ur energy. Exercises performed on daily routine basis help us to utilise our energy for positive things.

*Practice breathing exercises for 10 min. Like inhale a deep breath n then exhale it.It is proved that it helpful for our nervous system.

*Count 100 n it help to reduce ur anger. Sometimes we forget it but with practice u can learn n control ur anger.

*Whenever u r in anger try to find out that pulse or nerve which is tense n try to relax it. u will feel that ur heart beat will also slow down with that n u feel good.

*Write down all the problems n a piece of paper n also about that person u r angry with, write down whatever u want to say to that person n then flush it off.

*When u r angry with a person, imagine that that he/she is sitting in front of u n then yell at that person. U will feel relaxed.

*Adopt a habit of diary writing n write how many times u got angry in a day, when ,where n the reason of ur anger. with this u will came to know about the vicious circle of ur anger n next time u will be able to control it.

*Try out to express ur anger in a right way. Like if u r angry with a person u can write him a letter or email.

*Don't react at the same time when u r in anger.

*Share ur anger with someone close to u.

*Sometimes we get angry due to our lotz of wishes which we r not fulfilled. Try to control your wishes.

*Have patience. Before reacting with anger, write down whole thing on a piece of a paper n next day have a look on it n then think about the whole matter. And mostly u feel that this matter is not actually irritating u.