Friday, February 19, 2010


Shy Child
Today i am writing about the shy children. Any child who is shy totally depends on their parents for their needs. Such children are not even able to express themselves due to lack of confidence. For e.g. when u say hello to such a child they do not give u any reply but try to hide himself beside their parents or anything lying close to him. Generally we hear from some parents that there baby is shy .
According to child specialists the shy nature in children create hurdles in the development of their brain. Even if they are capable to do lot of tasks but some how they are weak or can't express their feelings in front of others.

How to get rid of this problem?

*Try to spend sometime with ur child even if ur schedule is too busy.
*Whenever any guest come to ur place, introduce ur child to them & talk about his abilities & achievements. This will help to increase his self esteem & confidence.
*Talk to ur child as much as u can. With this u can get much closer to ur child.
*Try to make him practical in life. Make him know about various rituals in ur family and about the outside world.
*Tell him about great people.
*Send him to picnic or summer camps during his vacation.
*Don't compare him with any other child.
*Make him include discipline in his life. Motivate him to participate in each activity happening in their school.
*Don't force things on ur child. Every child is special & has his own interest n abilities. Never judge them on ur own basis.

Happy parenting