Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Style 4 everyone

To be beautiful is every ladies wish & its her right also. Actually each lady has its own style. Don't try to be a copy cat just simply make ur own style statement.

  • Be Selective:
Don't try to keep such dresses for those u have to think that will these look good on u or not? So why don't u try to set ur wardrobe from a new end. Just think on the matter that those dresses lying in ur wardrobe are actually according to ur taste. Keep only those dresses in ur wardrobe which u like the most & slowly make it ur hobby. It is easy to select from few but difficult from a lot of. That's how u can make ur daily wear a style statement for others.

  • Forever Green:

Somethings are all time favourite. U can wear them anywhere. So I have these things to add in to ur collection.

*Black short dress

*White Shirt

*Beautifully designed cardigan



*Stylish Belt


*Denim Jeans/Jeans


*Hand bag

*Printed Scarf/Cap

*Cool Shades

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