Friday, June 13, 2008


All About Base

First of all use a gel base so that everything go on smoother & stay longer. It is to be applied with sponge & u don't have to use ur fingers.

Which one is ur Shade?

Generally people try foundation shade on the back of their hands but the shade of ur hand is different from that of ur face. So apply the foundation shade on ur face near ur jaw line. Right shade is the one that disappears into ur skin. Most of Indian skins have yellowish tone so choose the yellow toned foundation.

Applying foundation is also an art. Mix foundation with honey milk. Use sponge to apply the foundation. It should be applied from ur jaw line, always put some on ur ear also. Apply it in a downward way. Use fingers to apply foundation on the areas which are neglected.

Handle Dark Circle

U can hide ur dark circle with the help of foundation & concealer. Use a pinkish shade of concealer. Use ur ring to dot ur eyes then gently apply a fine layer of foundation on it.

Radiance Glow

Mix ur foundation with other illuminating lotion to create more radiance. Use ur finger to apply foundation, finish by using a brush to dust some radiance powder lightly over the check bones, brow bones, bridge of nose.

Flaw Fixing

To fix ur flaw use yellow toned concealer apply dot on the spot, blend it with ur small finger & set with dusting powder.

Fix Wrinkles

U can fix wrinkles with anti ageing foundation this will soften the appearance of lines. Put some moisturiser straight on to ur deepest wrinkles. This will help u look younger.

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