Thursday, June 19, 2008


Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeps atleast 8-9 hrs aday. But this is the most toughest part to make them sleep. Sometimes they r too naughty that they don't wanna sleep & sometimes they r crying n crying n crying. They can't tell u what they want but u can realise it from their actions like for sleeping they showoff such signs

#Rubbing of eyes


#Looking away

#Crying without any reason


Now i will tell u how to make him sleep

  1. Turn off the lights in his room. Be very quite so that nothing can disturb his sleep.

  2. Breast feed the baby to his sleep.

  3. Feed ur baby as much as he want. When he wake up at night don't feed him & try to make him sleep by sitting on a rocking chair.

  4. Try to sing some rhymes or sweet songs for him.

  5. Always make the baby to sleep on her back.

  6. Make him sleep in ur arms & afterwards put him in the cot. It will make him learn to sleep without u in separate room also.

  7. Don't use pillow or water beds.

  8. Cot should be clean, cracks free, dry & comfortable for the baby.

  9. U can use sleeping bags in winters as this will keep baby cozy.

  10. In summers warmth can be given by using light blanket, cotton sheet or extra clothing.

  11. Don't make him suck his thumb for sleeping as this can become his habit & if he tries to do it, give him a toy to play, when he gets tierd of it he will sleep.

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