Monday, June 16, 2008


Sometimes we forgot the phrase that we had learnt in our childhood which is
"First Weigh Than Say".
Spoken words can't be retrieved. One need to be careful in saying anything to anyone whether its ur family member, friend, worker, maid or anyone else. Try not to hurt any ones feeling with ur words becoz once we speak without thinking that show how much bitterness is in ur heart. In that case even "Sorry " can't do anything. Words can hurt feelings as well as destroy relationships. Always try to talk less, say more. And what u say have some weight. Words have that much power that can make rich poor n poor rich. The one who knows how to talk is the one who can win the heart of everybody. Talk that much only which is required. Try to be a good listener.
Don't try to interfere in between others talk. This one makes the other end feel neglected, rejected, let down, disheartened & embarrassed. Listen to feelings not words.

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