Friday, June 6, 2008


Breast Feeding
Being a mother is wonderful experience which can't be expressed in words. The moment a child is born, a mother also born becoz before that she never existed. So there is a very special kind of relation between a mother and her baby that's why ur every moment with ur baby is special one. Ur first bonding starts with ur feeding. Some mothers avoid to feed their babies as for them their figure is more important then their baby. But Breast Feeding has its own significance. U can start breast feeding ur baby an hour after delivery. Colostrum, the yellowish milk produced by mother in first 3 days is very healthy for the child. The baby doesn't need anything not even water for first 4-6 months. Breast milk provide adequate nutrition n immunity for the baby.
Baby should have both types of milk fore milk as well as hind milk. Fore milk is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins & protein that helps to quench the thirst. Hind milk is rich in fat & calories. U should allow baby to keep suckling from one side until he leaves the breast on his own.

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