Friday, August 29, 2008


Style is not to be copy cats but its to carry urself comfortably. Always try to look simple. There is no need to do hard work for looking smart. If u look simple or sober then u will look more beautiful. As we say in India

"Khoobsurati sadgi mein he hai"

(it means simplicity look more beautiful)

Mix n Match

U should know the art of mix n match . When it's a matter of dress n accessories, contrast look s good. Like with actual dress, classic accessories look nice. Otherwise there is no rule for mi9x n match. But in reality which is different from ordinary is a centre of attraction & that's the style.


Ur footwear plays a vital role in making u look attractive. High heels make u look smart . Don't think what other will say. High heel footwear not only make ur posture look good but also this will change ur personality. Generally people think who's gonna see their foot but its not like that. If u r going on shopping for ur footwear try to opt for branded ones. Don't ever try to wear heel more than 4" as it will be uncomfortable for u, it also effects ur posture & u will become a part of fun for others.

Style is Costly

Some people think that style is costly. In reality its not how much u spend on ur looks but how u find alternatives for costly things.

Something Different

  • Like rings made of mixed metal or stones will look more attractive.

  • Try to design any dress with pearls n stone urself at home.

  • Choose a footwear with silver n golden straps.

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  1. nice blog, I m aslo a student of fashion designer... So I m the regularly reader of ur blog....

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