Saturday, September 6, 2008


Everyone wants beautiful hair that are shiny n healthy. So hair care is must. When the ageing process starts, hair also start loosing their shine. Hair starts to get dry day by day.If u take care of ur hair a little bit then u can maintain their beauty forever.

Here are some tips for hair care:

  • If u have oily hair then u have to use mild shampoo.

  • For healthy hair always take healthy diet otherwise ur hair will lost its glow.

  • Also include fruits in ur diet.

  • Add lemon juice to 1 cup curd n apply on ur hair. U will surely get shiny hair.

  • Always give a massage to ur hair every week. This will relax u as well as make ur hair strong.

  • Use right shampoo for ur hair.

  • For shiny n soft hair apply mustard oil mixed with lemon juice on ur hair.

  • To maintain balance of ur hair always do conditioning. For deep conditioning apply curd for 1/2 an hour, it will maintain ph of ur hair.

  • Whenever u get free time slowly massage ur hair with ur fingers.

  • Coconut oil is also good for hair.

  • Also include green vegetables in ur diet.

  • Use baby oil to massage ur hair. Baby oil provides softness n shine to hair.

  • Don't use strong fragrant oil for hair.

  • Don't try out different hair oils stick to one best hair oil.

  • Every type of hair needs conditioning as it protects hair from sun's UV rays n also from pollution.

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