Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Papaya Body Scrub

Things u need:
*1 small ripe papaya
*50g grain powder
*50g rice powder
*50g sea salt
*50ml honey
*100ml milk or curd

How to do it:
Mash the papaya in a grinder n mix with all the other ingredients except for the milk n curd. Blend well with hand. Now steam ur body with a portable home steamer or simply have a hot bath.
Apply the mixture all over ur body, covering each n every part from face to toe. Then lie down on a plastic sheet for 20 minutes.
Next, take the milk or curd n apply carefully on each body part, scrubbing the area gently in circular movements. U can also use a soft loofah for scrubbing ur skin. When finished take another warm, thorough shower. Wipe off the excess moisture n apply body lotion all over when ur skin is still a little wet.
Enjoy clean n smooth skin.

source: Femina Believe

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  1. Oh goodness this sounds luxurious...I must try it!