Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Everyone wants to be a style icon. A smart gal knows how to be the head of curve. Fashion changes in every season, u should know how to put together the style tweaks in ur wardrobe to present urself modern n stylish.
#Choose a Perfect Designer:
The role of the designer is very important to make u look stylish. So always choose a designer who knows what's your taste. Designer designs dresses taking in account ur figure. He is the one who will tell u which colour will suits u , in which stuff u will look slim, tall n beautiful. And above all u can tell him what type of dresses u like .

#Smart Accessories:
Accessories can make u look more stylish. Like handbags, stiletto, scarf, belts etc. can make u noticeable. Accessories will also help u to give new look. If u r wearing a beautiful accessory with simple dress that can also make u centre of attraction. For example if u r wearing a heavy necklace, don't wear big earrings with that .

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  1. I agree accessories are the key to jazzing up any outfit...and can help carry the true classics from year to year...season to season...