Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Perfect Wardrobe
*Keep all the daily use items like t-shirts, jeans n other clothes on the lower shelf.
*Store winter clothes on higher shelves with moth balls .
*A stainless steel masala box with several small bowls works well for clips & jewellery.

Dress Your Walls
*A neutral room look cosy by adding splashes of warm red & orange through furnishing & upholstery.
*Furnishing that stand out sharply against wall colour as to draw attention away from neutral walls.

Remove Clutter
*Colourful basket made of jute are perfect solution for the clutter lying here n there. U can keep children's toy , papers, magazine,towels etc..
*They r flexible, cheap n u can carry them in any season.

Organised Bathroom
*Make a list of everyday items that can be used.
*Arrange the items in containers by the type like hair products, cosmetics, towels etc.

Indoor Garden
*To add freshness choose a variety of indoor plants like spider plants & asparagus ferns, display them attractively in terracotta pots.
*To display these plants window sills r interesting spots.

Be Trendy
*Try out for some trendy accessories such as cushions, curtains, carpets etc.
*Choose colours like yellow or flowering patterns n also try to arrange small items on a coffee table.

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