Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recipes Corner

Yogurt Sponge Pudding

Sponge cake or any cake base 1
Tinned fruit cocktail 1cup
Gelatin 5tsp
Water 4tbsp
Milk 1cup
Sugar 1cup
Yogurt 1cup
Lemon juice 2 1/2tsp
Pineapple essence 1tsp
Yellow colour 1/2tsp

For jam glaze:
Jam or Marmalade 1/2cup
Water 1tbsp
Gelatin 1tsp

Prepare a sponge cake. Prepare gel atone & keep aside. Add sugar to milk. Heat till sugar melts. Remove from flame, add gelatin, stirring constantly. Add colour, essence, lime juice & yogurt to it. Let it cool. Keep the sponge cake in fancy bowl.Sprinkle syrup on it. Spread fruits on it. Spread yogurt mixture on it. Set it in freezer.
To prepare jam glaze, melt gelatin in water, add jam to it & mix properly, when the glaze starts setting spread it on the set yogurt with the help of a spoon. Decorate with fruits.

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