Monday, June 7, 2010

Benefits Of Coconut

Coconut is very nutritious in nature. Coconut includes lot of fibre, vitamins & minerals. It is used for cooking,beauty, health & also for religious purposes specially in India. Lets discuss its benefits in our daily life by sipping coconut water in Summers.

* Coconut helps to eliminate that bacteria which causes ulcers, pneumonia & teeth related problems.
* It is an instant source of energy.
* It helps to make insulin secretion better.
* It helps to balance Glucose level in blood.
* It also helps to reduce the diabetes problem.
* Coconut helps to absorb calcium & magnesium easily.
* Coconut helps to strengthen teeth & bones. It reduces the chances of Osteoporosis(weakening of bones).
* It helps digestive system to function better.
* Breast Cancer, Colon & Liver Cancer can easily be avoided by eating coconut.
* It is also good for Heart patients & helps to maintain cholesterol level.
* Obesity which is a major problem now a days can also be treated with having coconut daily in ur diet as it is good source of Zinc.
* Coconut helps to protect our skin from UV rays of Sun.
* It is helps to avoid wrinkles & tightens ur skin.
* Coconut oil massage is good for hair as well as for body.
* It helps to have a beautiful baby if eaten by a pregnant lady.

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