Sunday, June 6, 2010

Handy Tips

* To remove paint stains from clothes, place blotting paper on the stained area & iron it.

* Use raw milk to prepare custard, it will be more delicious.
* In summers if u have crack heels, apply heena mixed in curd. It 'll help to cure ur heels.
* If u suffer from headache, apply ginger paste on forehead to get instant relief.
* To make ur crockery shine, clean it with soda mixed in water.
* Mix wheat flour with little of rice flour to make chapatis light.

* To clean ur silver jewellery or utensils, dip it in sour curd. It will shine like before.
* Never eat sweet & sour fruits together.

* If u want to make ur lipstick stay on ur lips for longer then apply powder of ur lips before applying lipstick.
* To cut bread,burger etc easily with knife, heat the knife before cutting.

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