Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Invite Romance Back

Sometimes we get too busy in our routine schedules that we don't get any time to spend with our loved ones....Those special gestures of love get vanished away or fade with time after marriage... So here are some tips to create that magic again..
Just try it out...feel the love

* Go to his favourite restaurant & treat him.

* Gift him his favourite music CD. Send him an invite for a music & dance.

* Join a movie club & embark on a romantic journey with ur beloved.

* Go to swimming on a moonlit night & feel like Adam & Eve in ur own little paradise.

* Rainy days are ideal for cosying up on a couch & reading a romantic book together or reading beautiful poems to each other. U could even have a private dance in ur garden.

* Espouse a cause that both of u feel strongly about & spend some time working on it together.

* On a bright night, go to the terrace, open a champagne, lie on ur back & simply watch the stars work their magic in the sky.

* U can also indulge in Salsa or Ballroom classes for couples & if dancing isn't ur thing, opt for cookery classes, practise recipes on each other.

* Just make special notes & hide it i his clothes so when he is looking for something else he comes across ur message & feel special.

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