Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spa Skin Care

Scrubbing: U can have spa treatment at ur home. Scrubbing helps to detoxify ur skin & ur skin gets a new glow.

Ingredients for Body Scrub Massage:
1/2 cup Almonds (coarsely grind)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp milk cream

How to apply:
* Mix all the ingredients.
* Before taking bath massage the prepared cream all over ur body with soft hands in circular motion.
* After applying it on ur body. Lie on a mat. Close ur eyes & relax ur senses.
* Allow the Scrub to absorb in ur skin.

Royal Spa Bath: Now after scrub its turn of having that royal bath with milk & roses .

Ingredients for bath:
4 cups milk powder (without sugar)
1 cup rose water
5 drops of rose oil
4 drops of mint oil
1 cup rose petals

How to have the royal bath:
Lite some spa candles in ur bathroom & u can also play some light music to get relax.
Fill tub with lukewarm water & slowly add milk powder & oils in tub. Then put rose petals in it. After 1 min. enter in to the tub & get relaxed. Take shower after 30-45 mins.. Wrap urself in towel.

Massage: Give ur whole body a massage of good nourished moisturiser.

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