Saturday, March 6, 2010

Party games

Cards & Coin

Material Required:
1 Bowl
50 Coins(1,2,5,10 Rs/-)
Cards(take out all picture cards)
1 Stopwatch

Gender : Male, Female or Children.

Time : 30 secs.

How to play:

1.This game is to be played one by one. As u start time, player should take out any card & he has to set as many coins on the card as the number shown on it.
For example: If the player take out a card with number 5 then he has to set 5 rupees on it. Like he can set 5 coins of 1 rupee each or he can set 1 of 1rupee, 2 of 2 rupee or he can also set a single 5 rupee coin.

2.As u stop ur watch after 30 secs. , the game should be stopped.

3.U have to discard that card which is not having all the coins on it.Or Any coin outside the card means u have to discard that card.

4.Player with maximum rupees on cards will be the winner.

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