Monday, October 11, 2010

Tips On Ironing Shirt

* After washing, give the shirt a quick shake & ideally put it on hanger so that it falls into its natural shape as it dries. Avoid it just spreading on the clothesline.

* Before ironing, spray the shirt liberally with water & begin by ironing the collar on the "wrong" side, starting from the outer corner. Repeat on the right side, pulling the corner up as it's ironed inwards- this will create a neat curve.

* Next, the yoke should be ironed - first on the wrong side, & then on the right side. She should then go on to the cuffs, again starting the ironing from the outer edge.

* The backs should be tackled on the wrong side. And then, the sleeves need to be ironed. They should be smoothed on the ironing board while ironing. Careful attention should be paid to the gathers around the cuffs & the seams around the armholes. Sleeves can be ironed with or without creases.

* Finally the two front sections need to be ironed. Your help should move the iron around buttons & flatten out any creases along the armhole seams.

* The shirt should be left to air on a hanger for a while before turning to the wardrobe.

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