Monday, October 18, 2010

Tips for Beautiful Skin

Every lady wants to be beautiful. She tries every trick to make her skin lovely. To get that beautiful glowing skin she opt for going to beauty parlour, spa or salon. There are so many ways to get that glow on ur skin. Here some beneficial tips for ur skin:

* To give ur face a fresh look, use cleanser, toner & moisturiser daily. Protect ur skin as much as can.

* Exfoliate ur skin once in a week. Exfoliation make ur skin soft & supple. Exfoliation not only removes dead skin but also it allows skin care products to enter skin deeply.

* Take a balanced diet which includes vitamin A, B & C. Crash diet has bad effect on ur skin.

* Drink lots of water 10-15 glasses a day. Water helps to remove toxins present in ur skin.

* Get a salon treatment once in a month. Skin treatments are given according to ur age & skin type.

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