Thursday, August 5, 2010

Side Effects of Nail Polish

Strong & Beautiful nails increase the beauty of a person. Nails look nice when u apply nail polish according to the colour contrast of ur dress.
Do u know the side effects of appplying nail polish on regular basis?
Do u know how much it effects ur health?
In this post i m going to discuss the side effects of applying nail polish as well as how to keep ur nails beautiful.

Side effects of applying Nail Polish
* Diisobbutyl phthalate which is used in nail polish is very harmful.
* Nail Polish can cause asthma or liver related problems.
* Nail Polish is also harmful for lungs.
* Acetone used in nail polish retards the natural shine of nails as a result nails starts to look yellow & dull.

Nails related tips
* Massage nails with warm mustard oil to make them strong.
* Coconut oil massage on nails helps to make nails more shiner.
* Use heena to colour ur nails as it is natural & has no side effects.
* Don't use cheap nail polishes instead use some good quality nail paints & avoid applying them for long time period. Remove ur nail paint after attending any function.
* Almond & olive oil massage can also do wonders to keep nails strong, shine & healthy.

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  1. Water-based nail polish is water, oil, green resin as the main ingredient, not to hurt the nails, and nail polish contains large amounts of stimulus traditional chemical composition, such as acetone, toluene, formaldehyde, etc., this is harmful substances, easy for you to nails to dry, turn yellow, brittle, will damage human health and the environment.
    Harmful effects of nail polish