Friday, August 20, 2010


Mostly people like to see their house clean but if u have chidren at ur home then its very difficult to keep ur home clean. After coming from school bag is lying somewhere, uniform is lying somewhere else....books are lying elsewhere. In all this moms have to suffer alot as the whole day they keep on cleaning the house. If moms let their children to help them in some household works then it will be easy for her & children also learn some good habits.

* Make them learn where to keep their bags after coming from school. Also make a separate area to keep all the belongings of their school. That way they can easily find their books, pen, pencils & scold them if they don't do it properly.

* Set their schedule. They should know what they have to do before going to school or after coming from school. Check their homework regularly. Also talk to them about their school activities.

* Adult children have more work load. Sometimes help them doing their assignments. Ask them to make plan & also help them in their work.

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