Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do U Know?

Orange is the most beneficial fruit. Sweet Lime, Tangerine & Lemon come under its category. These r juicy & contains vitamin C. Here are its benefits
* Orange helps to avoid brain & heart strokes.
* In Spain, fallen blossoms are dried and then used to make tea.
* Orange helps to control Blood Pressure.
* Orange avoids blood clotting
* Orange blossom honey, or actually citrus honey, is produced by putting beehives in the citrus groves during bloom, which also pollinates seeded citrus varieties. Orange blossom honey is highly prized, and tastes much like orange.
* Marmalade, a conserve usually made with Seville oranges. All parts of the orange are used to make marmalade: the pith and pips are separated, and typically placed in a muslin bag where they are boiled in the juice (and sliced peel) to extract their pectin, aiding the setting process.
* Orange peel is used by gardeners as a slug repellent.
* Orange leaves can be boiled to make tea.
* Orange protects lungs from stones & ulcers.
* Orange avoid the risk of getting cancer.
* Orange wood sticks (also spelt orangewood) are used as cuticle pushers in manicures and pedicures, and as spudgers for manipulating slender electronic wires

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