Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to do a Head Massage

* Start with Pressure Points
Lying back in a chair, with ur neck supported by a cushion, use ur index & middle fingers in small circular motions on the points at the end of ur eyebrow.

*Relieve Tension
Place ur fingers & thumb across ur forehead from temple to temple. Rhythmically tap each finger lightly for 10 seconds, starting with ur little finger & moving thro' to ur thumb.

*Now U 're Relaxing
Massage the pressure points at the end of ur brows with ur index & middle finger for a further 40 seconds.

*Relieve Scalp Tension & Encourage Blood Flow
Next, move to the top of ur head & using the heel of ur hands, massage the head as u were washing ur hair. Continue for 3-5 mins. Massaging ur scalp every day will stimulate blood flow, which may help if u r growing ur hair.

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