Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Create that Magic Again?

Every relation is special in this world. But few are very close to our heart & has their own importance in our life like the husband-wife relation. This relation is tied with the knot of love & faith. Very little misunderstanding can spoil a relation. This relation generally goes thro' highs & lows of life. U can't stop these phases but can tackle them with patience, love & understanding & can make ur relation the best in the world.

* Understand each others feeling & respect each other decisions.
*Give "space" to each other. everybody wants that he/she should have her own time to do the work whatever they like. Don't try to restrict each other to some boundaries which can create mess in ur relationship.
* Talk politely with each other.
* Have faith on ur life partner as faith is also an important pillar in this relation.
* Understand each others abilities & try to remove his/her disabilities with love.
* Do wish each other on their special days like b'days, anniversaries or valentine's day. Also gift ur better halves occasionally to make them feel special.
* Appreciate each other for their good deeds.
* Don't try to have so much expectations from each other becoz it hurts when things don't go ur way.
* Care for each other when anyone of u is not feeling well.
* Don't talk about ur unhealthy experience in ur life with each other as it can create bitterness in ur relation.
* If u have complaints, tell this to ur partner.
* Love each other unconditionally.

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