Monday, January 11, 2010


Need of Every Child
#Teach ur child love n care for others. They will learn from all ur examples.
#Try to notice his presence. He 'll grow up as special n also help others to feel the same.
#Sincerely listen to him n he 'll grow as good listener.
#Often acknowledge him n tell him what u like.
#Teach him discipline n don't scold him for his mistakes rather correct him with kindness.
#Provide him a separate room to grow. He 'll learn to be self-dependent.
#Let ur child follow his dreams. Don't force them to accept ur decisions always.
#Always show ur affection to ur child.
#Don't quarrel with each other in front of ur child.
#Try to spend weekends with ur child.
#Love him unconditionally throughout his ups or downs.
Have a happy parenting.

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