Friday, January 8, 2010


Computer & Our eyes
Now a days computers are used in every field, so if we have advantages of using computers we have disadvantages also. Most of all it effects our eyes. Computer users generally suffer from various problems like dark circles around eyes, headache, restless eyes etc. . And its also not possible to stop using computer because its our need. That's why i am giving following tips to reduce the effect of computer on our eyes:
* Put the brightness to low or set it according to the room you are sitting in.
* Use Window Shade.
*Sit in the area where proper light is available.
*Maintain contrast between background & on-screen.
*Those who are full time users of computer, take brake of 7-10 mins in every hour.
*Readily blink your eyes. It will help to reduce dryness of eyes.
*Get a routine check up of your eyes done
*Divert your attention from computer to other surroundings for sometime.
*Sleep well . Inadequate sleep is the main cause of dark circles.
Have a good health.

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