Thursday, July 15, 2010


Blood Pressure & Salt

According to various scientific researches it is proved that disorders of high blood pressure & heart are related with salt. Salt is made up of sodium & chloride ions. Its increase in body discard water to enter in blood...& our heart has to make more efforts to work efficiently. That's why the patients with high blood pressure are restricted to low salt diet or without salt diet.
High blood patients are also allowed to eat fruit & veggies to have natural salt present in them instead of having salt in impure form.

*Patients with high BP can have wheat, rice & pearl millet but they should avoid corn flour as it is rich source of sodium.

* Veggies like fenugreek, spinach, coriander, carrot, radish, turnip should be avoided becoz these r rich in sodium. Except these vegetables High BP patients can have other vegetables.

* They can eat all fruits except water melon & jack fruit.

* They should avoid bread, cake & chocolate.

* Don't use excess salt in salads.

* Avoid junk food.

* Eat less spicy food.

Our body needs 4-5 gms of salt daily that we get from the routine eatables.

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